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Espresso Mi Cultura’s vision is a gourmet coffeehouse, bookstore and community space that offers literature on Latin America and Latinos and the cultures of First People in the United States, as well as performances and exhibits showcasing artists from Los Angeles and abroad. Founded in Hollywood in 1998, Espresso Mi Cultura became the most successful and recognized Latino-themed café in Los Angeles. It was named “Best Coffeehouse for Night Life” by ZAGAT. Although the store closed in 2003, Josefina Aguilar continued efforts to reopen and expand this company that had arguably become the most successful and most well-known “Latino-themed” café in Southern California during its period.

Espresso Mi Cultura imagines a space for the community to enjoy products, services and cultural activities. We promote discussion and sharing of ideas relevant to the Latino community and communities of color through art exhibits, performances, readings and book signings, and other cultural events.

ECO-friendly and Earth conscious NO PLASTIC!

We pride ourselves in providing 100% eco-friendly products with your purchase to reduce our collective carbon footprints. This includes renewable, compostable and reusable cups, lids, stainless steel straws, and “to-go” containers… Bring your reusable EMC beverage container and get a discount on your beverage.